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Enterprise Linux 5 - RHEL 5 (Tikanga) - CentOS 5

EL-5 has reach "End Of Life"
You should consider upgrading to a supported release.
This repository is no more maintained. RPM still available for history.

Time to plan an upgrade.

remi (includes PHP 5.4, extensions and Software Collections)

Warning: some noarch packages may requires php 5.5 or greater (e.g. phpMyAdmin > 4.5)
so you may have to enable remi-php55 or remi-php56 to use these (but PHP 5.4 is EOL, so upgrade is recommended).

remi-php55 (only PHP 5.5 and extensions, also needs remi)

remi-php56 (only PHP 5.6 and extensions, also needs remi)

remi-test (testing packages, also needs remi, please try them)